Describe a Favorite Recent Div III

  • Faculty are instrumental in advising student projects, especially during Division III
  • In Division I, you’ll be advised by one faculty member, the professor of your tutorial course. In Divisions II and III, you’ll choose a faculty committee made up of at least two Hampshire professors.
  • About 90% of Hampshire students complete some sort of research assistantship, internship, independent study, or other activity outside of the classroom. Some of this research is completed with Hampshire faculty, working together as peers in the field.
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Oh, um.

That's unfair.


Favorite recent Div III.

That's so tough.

That's like picking children.

Are all my past students going to all be watching this?

Div IIIs are complicated. So it's not easy to explain in one sentence.

I am working with several students, working all in their own projects, and they all have to do with artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

What is proof? And what is truth? And it was the first time I've seen math connected to poetry. And it was really exciting.

Ben Paulson, who was a student of mine that worked in both theater and mathematics.

The aesthetics of jazz through psychoanalytic theory.

Team project, electric, three wheeled electric vehicle. The students made 90% of the parts from scratch.

A book about the back of the house in front of the house. [? Mark ?] [? Sullivan ?] worked in a high end cafe in New York. And it's also about the history of coffee.

A student designed a portable tiny house. They incorporated a shipping container as its transport mechanism.

A couple of my Div IIIs have done applied theater and with children. So they've gone into schools and done creative drama work or done performances for the kids.

Someone who worked on building three dimensional structures out of DNA.

My favorite recent Div III has got to be [? Grouche's, ?] her pronoun study, which I think is going to actually be completely revolutionary.

They're all my favorites. And part of the reason is that I always learn from my students.

I had a student, Aiden Piper, who created an app for the phone where he could visualize data from a microscope.

Last year, I had a student. She did installation. And she did a photo book, like one of, basically, the best photo books that I've ever had someone make in one of my classes.

This is her book, which is The Pink Archive. And she had it professionally printed at a press in New York or New Jersey. It's a really personal family project that's over 100 something pages.

I recently had a Div III student who was investigating the ways in which teachers try to bring environmental issues into their classrooms. And what are the barriers? We actually presented her work at a professional conference where people at the conference thought she was a graduate student.

Each one teaches you something, as a teacher, different about the human psyche and how people make things. And what you're trying to do is to find each person's process to be able to find their own way of working.


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